Real Analysis. N. L. Carothers, N.L. Carothers

Real Analysis

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Real Analysis N. L. Carothers, N.L. Carothers. pdf ebook
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: English
Page: 413
ISBN: 0521497566,

This course in real analysis is directed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in mathematics and related fields. Presupposing only a modest background in real analysis or advanced calculus, the book offers something of value to specialists and nonspecialists alike. The text covers three major topics: metric and normed linear spaces, function spaces, and Lebesgue measure and integration on the line. In an informal, down-to-earth style, the author gives motivation and overview of new ideas, while still supplying full details and complete proofs. He provides a great many exercises and suggestions for further study.

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